Driving Innovation: GIH and ITEBA Team Up to Hold Engineering Competition in Batam

On Tuesday, August 23, 2022, two board members from PT. GIH visited ITEBA to discuss plans for collaboration in organizing an engineering innovation competition in Batam. The aim of the event is to gather engineering product ideas that can be turned into start-ups. The meeting was a follow-up to the previously signed MOU between the two parties. "We will assist in marketing the winning product and we hope that ITEBA can help organize the event," said Phuspitaa Naaidu Ramloo, President Director of PT. GIH. The Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Dr. Eng. Ansarullah Lawi, M.Eng., and the Head of Cooperation and Admission, Zainul Munir, ST., MeTC, expressed their gratitude for the visit and are ready to work together to make the event a success.

Let's work together to empower the youth and drive innovation forward.

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