Batam Unleashed: Triumphing Tolerance Together by PT. GIH x ITEBA

Batam Unleashed: Triumphing Tolerance Together by PT. GIH x ITEBA

On March 17th, 2023 Batam Unleashed, a highly anticipated event organized by PT. GIH in collaboration with ITEBA. This event served as a platform for embracing tolerance and unity in the face of differences. The distinguished speaker, Mr. Rasananda Das from India, delivered a compelling presentation that captivated the audience and ignited meaningful discussions.

The event unfolded at ITEBA’s convention hall, commencing at 2:00 PM and concluding at 4:30 PM. The attendees comprised lecturers, over 100 students, and employees from PT. GIH. The diverse audience represented a cross-section of the community, eager to engage in thought-provoking dialogue and learn from the insights shared by Mr. Rasananda Das.

Mr. Rasananda Das, an esteemed speaker with expertise in promoting harmony and understanding, delivered an impactful presentation on the importance of embracing tolerance amidst differences. His engaging delivery style and profound message resonated with the audience, sparking reflection and fostering a sense of unity.

Following the presentation, a lively Q&A session ensued, providing an opportunity for students to further explore the topic and seek clarification. The enthusiasm and active participation of the students demonstrated their genuine interest in understanding and implementing tolerance in their lives.

To express their appreciation, gifts were given to the organizing committee as a gesture of gratitude for their hard work in making the event a success. The atmosphere was filled with joy and satisfaction, as both lecturers and students celebrated the seamless execution of the event and the impactful dialogue that transpired.


Batam Unleashed stands as a testament to the commitment of PT. GIH and ITEBA in fostering a culture of tolerance and acceptance within the community. By organizing such events, they aim to inspire individuals to embrace diversity, celebrate differences, and work collectively towards a harmonious society. The success of Batam Unleashed not only provided a platform for enlightenment and discussion but also reinforced the values of tolerance and unity among the attendees. Through events like these, PT. GIH and ITEBA continue to create opportunities for personal growth, cultural exchange, and the development of a more inclusive community.

The event left an indelible impact on the lecturers and students, motivating them to carry forward the spirit of tolerance and respect in their daily lives. 

As the curtains closed on Batam Unleashed, PT. GIH and ITEBA expressed their gratitude to the participants, speakers, and everyone involved in making the event a resounding success. Their collaborative efforts have sown the seeds of tolerance, laying the foundation for a future marked by unity and acceptance in Batam and beyond.


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