ITEBA’s Visit to PT. GIH: Strengthening Cooperation for MBKM Program and Engineering Innovation Competition

Strengthening Cooperation: ITEBA's Visit to PT. GIH for MBKM Program and Engineering Innovation Competition

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Fakultas Teknologi Industri Perkuat Kolaborasi dengan PT Galaksi Investasi Harapan

Fakultas Teknologi Industri UBH Perkuat Kolaborasi dengan PT Galaksi Investasi Harapan

Fakultas Teknologi Industri UBH Perkuat Kolaborasi dengan PT Galaksi Investasi Harapan

On Friday, August 26th, 2022, PT. GIH warmly welcomed distinguished guests to their office located in Panbil Industrial Estate, B3 Lot 3 Muka Kuning Batam. The visitors, Prof. Dr-Ing. Ir. H. Hairul Abral, the rector of ITEBA, and Dr. Eng. Ansarullah Lawi, M.Eng., the dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, were invited to follow up on the discussion of further cooperation between ITEBA and PT. GIH.

One of the immediate plans arising from this collaboration is the implementation of the MBKM program and an Engineering Innovation Competition among campuses in Batam. The competition aims to inspire innovative product ideas that can be developed into market-ready products. This platform offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in technology and engineering, while also serving as a scouting ground for PT. GIH to identify talented individuals who may join their team in the future.

Furthermore, as part of their ongoing cooperation, ITEBA students have already participated in an internship program at PT. GIH. Expressing his optimism, Phuspitaa Naaidu Ramloo, President Director of PT. GIH, conveyed his hope that more ITEBA students would take part in the internship program in the coming years. He recognized the valuable skills possessed by ITEBA students, which are highly sought after in the industry.

During the visit, the ITEBA delegation was given a comprehensive tour of PT. GIH’s production floor, allowing them to witness the machines and facilities firsthand. Prof. Hairul Abral expressed his admiration for the company’s facilities, stating, “I am amazed at the comprehensive facilities that PT. GIH possesses.”

Overall, the visit marked a positive step towards strengthening the cooperation between PT. GIH and ITEBA. It serves as a testament to PT. GIH’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, empowering youth, and fostering collaboration with local universities. Through this partnership, PT. GIH aims to further support the development of Batam’s industry and contribute to the growth of the local community. The visit exemplifies the shared vision of both institutions in nurturing talent, promoting innovation, and driving the progress of the Batam industry.

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