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PCB Design Engineer

We are seeking a skilled PCB Design Engineer to join our team and contribute to the development of cutting-edge electronic products. As a PCB Design Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and optimizing printed circuit boards (PCBs) for our diverse range of products. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to ensure PCBs meet design specifications, manufacturability requirements, and industry standards.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or a related field
  • Proven experience in PCB design, including multilayer designs, high-speed designs, and mixed-signal designs
  • Proficiency in CAD software for PCB design, such as Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro, or Mentor Graphics PADS
  • Solid understanding of PCB manufacturing processes, materials, and design for manufacturability (DFM) principles
  • Familiarity with signal integrity analysis tools, such as HyperLynx or SIwave
  • Knowledge of industry standards and design guidelines, such as IPC standards
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities
  • Attention to detail and a strong focus on quality

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and optimize PCB layouts using CAD software, considering factors such as component placement, routing, signal integrity, and manufacturing constraints
    • Collaborate with hardware engineers, firmware engineers, and product designers to understand design requirements and specifications
    • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations in PCB design, such as IPC standards
    • Perform design reviews and provide recommendations for improvements
    • Work closely with PCB manufacturers to ensure smooth production and timely delivery of PCBs
    • Conduct design verification and validation activities, including functional testing and signal integrity analysis
    • Generate and maintain accurate documentation, including schematic diagrams, assembly drawings, and manufacturing files
    • Stay updated with the latest advancements in PCB design technologies, tools, and industry trends

We are excited to welcome talented professionals who are passionate about their fields and eager to contribute to the advancements in the manufacturing field. If you are ready to take on challenging projects and make a significant impact in your area of expertise, please submit your application, including your resume and portfolio, to or click apply button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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