Exploring Innovation Opportunities: GIH's Visit to Politeknik Caltex Riau

On Saturday morning of March 19, 2022, two board members from PT Galaxy Investasi Harapan (GIH) visited Politeknik Caltex Riau (PCR) campus to promote innovation and empower the youth. The visit was initiated by GIH in hopes of discussing potential collaborations and partnerships with PCR.

Upon arrival, the GIH representatives, Mr. Ramloo Nachiah and Ms. Phuspitaa Naaidu, were warmly welcomed by Dr. Mohammad Yanuar Hariyawan, the director of PCR. The meeting took place at the Director's Building R. 203, where the representatives were presented with a series of innovative product ideas pitched by the students, alumni, and staff of PCR. The pitches revolved around practical solutions to real-world problems, with a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation.

The event started with a welcome speech from Dr. Yanuar, who expressed his gratitude towards GIH for visiting the campus and taking an interest in PCR's innovative products. He highlighted the importance of collaboration and emphasized that such visits open up opportunities for fruitful partnerships in the future. The GIH representatives reciprocated the Director's warm welcome and expressed their eagerness to work with PCR in realizing the shared goal of empowering the youth through innovative solutions.

Following the speeches, the representatives were given a brief presentation on the history and background of both organizations. This was followed by an engaging discussion, where the GIH representatives shared their thoughts on the presented ideas and provided valuable feedback. The discussions were very constructive, with the PCR team taking note of the valuable inputs from GIH.

The visit was concluded with a tour of the PCR campus and a chance to observe some of the research and development activities in progress. The GIH representatives were impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities and the vibrant atmosphere of the campus. The PCR team expressed their gratitude towards GIH for taking the time to visit and expressed their hopes for future collaborations that will benefit both organizations.

Overall, the visit was a great success, with both organizations looking forward to future collaborations and partnerships. The event was a testament to the shared goal of both organizations to promote innovation and empower the youth through practical solutions to real-world problems.

Let's work together to empower the youth and drive innovation forward.

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